Welcome to the Enrich King Municipal Program!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our comprehensive initiative designed to uplift our community through strategic funding and support. The Enrich King program is built on three foundational pillars that will unfold over time, each contributing to the betterment of our municipality.

πŸ› Funding Programs Galore: Discover the richness of our municipality through our four distinct funding/grant programs – the Community Assistance Program, Heritage Property Grants, Community Improvement Plan, and the Community Grant Program. Each program encompasses multiple streams of funding tailored to diverse needs, ensuring a broad spectrum of support for our community members.

🌐 Streamlining Access: Our first pillar focuses on streamlining access to these funding programs. Introducing a user-friendly microsite, we aim to centralize information, making it easier for applicants to navigate and determine the best-suited program for their unique needs.

🀝 Resources & Training: The journey doesn't stop at funding. Our second pillar encompasses Resources (In-Kind support, promotional items, marketing) & Training & Education (Workshops, High 5 training, Coaching). We are committed to not only providing financial support but also fostering growth and development within our community.

🌱 Potential for Growth: As we evolve, the Enrich King program holds the potential to include Volunteer engagement and outreach, further expanding our community involvement and impact.

🎯 Key Deliverables: Anticipate a modernized intake process with the introduction of our new microsite, centralizing all funding programs for easy access. Enjoy a centralized service experience, where all Enrich King related requests will be efficiently handled and tracked through the microsite. Witness financial accountability as the microsite provides valuable data for tracking the number and value of all requests. Experience an improved service level with enhanced opportunities for cross-promotion and targeted marketing.

Join us on this exciting journey as we work together to enhance the vibrancy and well-being of our beloved community. Enrich King – Enriching Lives! 🌈✨