Program Details

Welcome to the Enrich King Municipal Program!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our comprehensive initiative designed to uplift our community through strategic funding and support. 

The Enrich King program will be divided into 3 distinct pillars that will be phased in as they develop.

  • Streamlining Funding Access.
  • Resources (In-Kind support, promotional items, marketing).
  • Training & Education (Workshops, High 5 training, Coaching).



  • A centralized community support program that provides community organizations, business’ & King Residents with direct funding, donations & and in-kind services.

The new Enrich King program is set to revolutionize access to funding and support for residents, businesses and community groups in King Township. The initiative will streamline the process of obtaining funding, donations and in-kind services from the Township and its partners by allowing users to apply through a centralized, online platform, available at

The new program amalgamates the existing four different funding/grant programs offered by the municipality: Community Assistance Program, Heritage Property Grants, Community Improvement Plan and the Community Grant Program.

Each program has multiple streams of funding tailored to diverse needs, ensuring a broad spectrum of support for King’s community members.

Community Grant Program: The Community Grant Program prioritizes activities, events and initiatives that have outcomes that support the following goals: Active Living, Inclusion and Access, Connecting People and Nature, Supportive Environments and Recreation Capacity. For example, an individual or community group could apply for funding to start a community program aimed at mitigating climate change. Grants of up to $1,500 are available for special initiatives, community events and developing inclusive communities and up to $5,000 for environmental initiatives.

Community Assistance Program: The Community Assistance Program offers financial support for participants of community group programs or activities who need help paying for registration fees or equipment. Examples include recreation programs for children or a fitness membership for adults. The purpose of the Community Assistance Program is to provide fee assistance that is fair, equitable and easy to access for low-income King Township residents.

Community Improvement Plan: The Community Improvement Plan helps eligible businesses to receive grant funding for various initiatives such as new signage and enhanced accessibility features. King offers two different streams of the program: one for the villages of King City, Nobleton and Schomberg, and another rural stream that covers several sections of rural King.

Heritage Grant Program: The Heritage Grant Program allows municipalities to provide grants for the purposes of paying the cost of alteration or other works which have the effect of conserving and maintaining the heritage attributes associated with a Designated property.

There is also a donation fund individuals or community grants can apply for. Some of the donations that can be requested include a free week of traditional summer camp, a one-month unlimited fitness membership or a four-hour rental of a community hall. These donations are typically requested as prizes for nonprofit fundraisers.

In addition to the funding programs, Enrich King also offers a Community Group Affiliation Policy, aimed at established or new community groups whose mandate is to provide recreational, art, cultural, heritage, social, environmental and/or sport programs and services that benefit King Township residents. By becoming an Affiliated Community Group with the Township, groups will have access to various tools and resources, including discounted municipal space and funding support. The application form is available online here.

For more information about the Enrich King program email